Many of our clients are unable to make it to our office to have their tax returns completed face to face.

Fortunately, with the technology currently available this no longer presents a problem.

You can post, fax or e-mail your tax return to our office from anywhere in the world.

Should you wish to take advantage of this service, simply download and complete our Client Checklist and forward it to us along with your tax documents. You can review our Taxation Documentation Checklist if you are not sure what information we will require.

New clients will also need to include a legible copy of their drivers licence or passport that has been certified as a true copy by a Justice of the Peace. We also require that the JP includes their contact telephone number on any certified copies.

For returns being sent by mail;

We recommend only posting copies of your tax documents rather than the originals. You will need your documents to substantiate your claims should the ATO audit your return so you don’t want them getting lost in the mail.

If you are forwarding your original documents please ensure you use registered mail to reduce the risk of them being lost in the post. Whilst we endeavour to return all original documents to our clients upon completion of their return we accept no responsibility for documents which are lost in the mail.

Ensure you address your letter to our postal address; PO BOX 460 Ingleburn NSW 1890 and attention your letter to your accountant.

For returns being sent via fax;

Fax your return to us on (02) 9829 2670. Please ensure that you include a fax cover sheet at the beginning of your fax that contains your name, a contact phone number, the number of pages that are being sent and attention your fax to your accountant. If you are sending multiple faxes please use a cover sheet for each fax to ensure that your paperwork is filed correctly.

For returns being sent via email;

You can send your return via email to or directly to your accountants’ personal email address. For scanned attachments, it is crucial that you ensure that they are of sufficient size and resolution to able to produce a legible printed copy at A4 size.

We recommend that you request a read receipt when sending your e-mail as there is a chance that your e-mail may be caught by an overzealous spam filter and not be actioned. If you haven’t received an acknowledgment of receipt within a few days please phone our office to confirm whether we have received your job.