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Loans and Leasing

There’s no such thing as the right loan for everybody.

Finding the right loan can be a complicated business, unless you’ve got a specialist helping you sort through all the different product offerings.

The right advice can save you money.

You need to compare the features of the loans, the fees, as well as interest rates. This is where professional advice can help. After discussing your needs, a broker can help you choose the right loan from an extensive list of lenders.

The right advice can save you time.

If you’ve ever applied for a bank loan, you’re probably already aware of the red tape you normally have to go through. A broker acting on your behalf can simplify the loan process and save you headaches.

Having your tax accountant work closely with your broker can also speed up the process as we normally have most of your financial records on file.

Why involving your tax accountant can help.

Your tax accountant will already be familiar with your financial situation, income, etc and will be able to advise you on any relevant tax considerations.

This knowledge also allows us to work with your broker to assist them in determining the most suitable lending solution.

How can Austax help me?

For many years we have been referring our clients to Finconnect, a subsidiary of Count Financial Limited AFSL 227232. Your Finconnect loan advisor is an experienced broker who can source a wide range of lending solutions from Australia’s leading providers.

If you are considering a loan, the simple option is to contact Austax.