At a minimum we need details of any assessable income that you have received during the financial year, as well as any expenses you have incurred in earning that income.

For most salary or wage earners this will entail bringing in a copy of your PAYG payment summary and details of any bank interest received, along with a list of your work related deductions.

If you receive income from other sources such as dividends, managed funds or investment properties, or run your own business we will also need any information pertaining to these sources of income.

We suggest reviewing our Taxation Documentation Checklist for more information.

For clients with a spouse, we will also need details about your spouse, including their full name, date of birth and taxable income. We realise that the taxable income of your spouse may not always be available at the time you prepare your tax return. In these situations we recommend you make the best estimate you can.

For new clients, we also require you to bring photo ID, your tax file number and a copy of your most recent tax return with you.